Monday, 20 January 2014


Well, i have put the final shot for chapter 1.1 up. It is a work in progress at the moment , and still needs its romaji. I will touch it up when i go to make the finals for the overall chapter.
of concern is a couple kanji that i believe have been misunderstood..
I'll release the final versions of all chapter 1 shots soon enough :)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Update - Length of Project Estimation

I have just finished taking all the screen shots for chapter 1. Some of them are game helpers, but even so looks like each full chapter will be about 100 pictures. I am thinking of ways to limit this currently.

I am also experiencing a problem with catching all the text a character says. Needless to say i've got a lot of work ahead of me.

Chapter 1 : Origionall 500 pictures
Cutdown to (so far) 250

mind you, a lot of these don't need any work, they will just be there for the comic.

Expected time to complete this whole project = 1 - 2 years

Chapter 1.2 - Hmmm.. that's Odd (WIP)

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.1 - Nyu Gemu Start!!

Chapter 1.1 - Nyu Game Start!!


Okay, so now all that is left is to finish the final piece of 1.1. After that i will edit everything to make sure it is correct. Of main concern is the spacing in the romaji, as well as double checking to make sure i have the characters correct. Once this is all done you can't expect an official public release of 1.1 (pdf, cbr, cbz 7z, rar, zip) as well as the first screenshots of 1.2 to pop up. All this should be done by at latest tuesday.

1.1 Release Date - Monday Night Latest Tuesday
1.2 Release Date - Next Monday or Tuesday

It may take me longer to finish 1.2 as the FMV's start to pop up there. Like mentioned, these FMVs will be translated, but in a way that corresponds with how one would read a comic.

So bear with me, i am hoping to finish Arc 1 of this project (1-16) by March :)

Update 1.1.9

Okay, so i had to do some more editing. there were characters missing in some pics or in certain cases double characters. However this appears to be in good shape for now :) i am going to double check my katakana to make sure i am using the right ones. I will leave this for now so i can start work on the final page of chapter 1.1 :)
the digifont i downloaded seems to be helping in regards to finding the cahracters properly. glad i found it :)

Update 1.1.8

I made some changes to the format of post titles. Updates now correspond with the chapter i am currently working on.

I also uploaded a new title screen, chapter title pages and the updated pages from chapter 1.1.
Screen 5 of chapter 1.1 has been modified in its translation. Previously said "that 7 children went missing from summer camp and never returned." now says "of the seven children who went missing from summer camp"

i am preparing to release chapter 1.1Final tomorrow and to start work on chapter 1.2

Enjoy :)